They Came At Night [009] | Mixed by Porą Gabalų

Our They Came At Night mix series are back with lithuanian duo Porą Gabalų. Clever disco rhythms driven by odd-ball percussions, swollen electro house basslines, leading us through clusters of opulent synthesized lushmating waves. To sums up, this recording is our idea of a summer stroll on high grade psychedelics.
Porą Gabalų push the playful weirdness until you thirst for exotic nectars and your nearest tree frogs… You may find these sonic explorers from Lithuania over at Opium Club, Yucatan Extensión where they throw random parties, and they also host Black Pink Purple.

Track list:

  • Peter Van Garderen – Mystery Hall | Top Tape | 1987
  • S.S.P.S. – Sun On The Horizon | Nation | 2015
  • Nick Murray & Kris Baha – Bonzai Sunset | Kinfolk | 2016
  • Philippe Besombes – Koko | RCA Media | 1982
  • Eiskalte Engel – R.O.M. (Nixxon Remix) | Mond Musik | 2015
  • Sprung Aus Den Wolken – Akcam La | Faux Pas | 1982
  • Hong Kong Syndikat – Negerkuss (Instrumental) | TELDEC | 1982
  • George Theodorakis – So Many Flowers | Into The Light Records | 2014
  • Zru Vogue – Zruism | Zero Risk Records | 1982
  • The Sisters of Mercy – Phantom | Merciful Release | 1983
  • Abaddón – Brillo Laser | Musidisc Europe Sudamericana | 1984
  • Dr. Philter Banx – High Heels And Mirrored Thighs | Criminal Records | 1975
  • Basso – Burning | Blackdisco | 2010
  • Paolo Ferrara – Nonplus | Canopo | 1974
  • Workdub – Unknowkn

In case you are curious to know a bit more about these storytellers here is a little background coming from them.

“Gediminas is a reckless, holy haunted twin whose love for music was destined by supernatural forces and there are rumors that he understands elvish. On the other hand, Lukas would rather stay under the unknown cloud”.

Please support all artist involved in this recording. If anyone has any issues with copyrights and all that boring stuff shoot us an email. Also, you can follow us on Facebook for a daily feed.


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