They Came At Night [004] | Mixed by Jiimbo

Twisted out lunatic and music freak Jiimbo delivers this sweaty peyote soundscape that gradually increases on PH until the acid content goes through the roof. We gladly welcome ridiculously young Jiimbo to our “They Came At Night” mixtape series.

Artwork by Bvd Pistxl

Artwork by Bud Pistxl.

Track list:

Yello – The Roxy Cut.
Kraftwerk- It´s More Fun To Compute (Busy P Remix).
Marc Houle- Salamandarina.
Demian – As A Replicant (Marc Piñol Remix).
Carisma – Que Linda Tu Pradera.
Barnt – Geffen (Philipp Gorbachev Remix).
Rebolledo – Windsurf, Sunburn And Dollar (Extended Version).
Roman Flügel – Deo.
Cute Heels – Metal Disco V.
Dj Pone – Errotic Impulses (Feat. Arnaud Rebotini).
Tom Trago – The Elite.
Bunte Blummer – The Hunger (Feat. Daniel Wilde).
Miro Pajic – Hot Body.
The Countach – Ectoplasm (Vosper Remix).
Trikk – Abstract Language.

Please support all artist involved in this recording. If anyone has any issues with copyrights and all that boring stuff shoot us an email. Also, you can follow us on Facebook for a daily feed.


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