They Came At Night [003] | Mixed by Sliding Down The Banister

Our TCAN series are back with a torrid mix-tape loaded with dark thriving Disco grooves. We are very proud to present London based number cruncher and chug surfer Sliding Down The Banister who brings us a steady selection of spaced-out, acid goodness that guarantee to leave a lasting impression on both the head and heart!
Get your dusty shoes out and prepare to get stabbed by chunky analog basslines, whilst synth sequences, and weird basement chuggers; This is “They Came At Night”!

Artwork by Bvd Pistxl.

Artwork by Bud Pistxl.

Track list:

Kriece – ‘Planet Caftan’
Duncan Gray – ‘Function Shift’
The Unknown Cases – ‘Masimbabele’ [Robi Insinna & Headman Rework]
Paresse – ‘Phantoms Are Waltzing’
Codebase – ‘Mineral Scan’
Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – ‘Complotto Geometrico’ [Andrew Weatherall Remix]
Timothy J Fairplay – ‘How The Machine Was Built’
Kepier – ‘Lost Era’ [Craig Bratley Edit]
Man Power – ‘Kiloton’ [Hardway Bros Remix]
Brioski – ‘Hey Gringo’
Dark Strands – ‘Return Of The Oscillator’
Justin Robertson Deadstock 33s – ‘Leipzig Motorbike’
Khidja – ‘Mustafa’ [Timothy J Fairplay Remix]
Eskimo Twins – ‘Akashic’
She Lies – ‘Needed You’ [Asphodells Remix]

Please support all artist involved in this recording. If anyone has any issues with copyrights and all that boring stuff shoot us an email. Also, you can follow us on Facebook for a daily feed.


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