Walls & Daphne Oram

We are really stoked about this upcoming release on Ecstatic Recordings. If you have been around and reading our posts you already know how much we like analog/modular textures & frequencies.

Well, one of our favourite projects from last year is the side project of Alessio Natalizia known as ¨Not Waving¨ which is an analog paradise with tons of industrial textures and tape recordings, the project is not easy to describe but we can say that it glows affect.

Anyway, so good work pays off and Walls (Sam Willis & Alessio Natalizia) got a hold of legendary archives titles Sound of Houses coming from Daphne Oram (inventor of the ¨ Oramics ¨ technique, and in general a huge pioneer in the early development of electronic sound generation) and they have a full album due out on May 5th.
According to a few rumours, the production of this album will be based on these golden archives, a modular synthesizer, an aging 1960s drum machine, various pedals and tapes for processing.

Note that this album will be released by the duo Walls. However, the approach is a lot darker and more inclined to the Ecstatic wild frequencies.

This is the first preview of the upcoming album, you should start pre ordering your wax cause these will fly straight to the best record collections out there. Grab your wax and some other sick releases HERE.


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