Sano – Sano (Cómeme)

Straight from the streets of Medellín Sano strikes the dance floors with an alluring obscure approach, coming from a Salsa and Disco background but with all the influence of Techno, Cómeme, Kompakt, and Colombia; He’s created a really interesting music hybrid injected with Acid, Disco, Techno, Salsa, and Latin rhythm compositions glazed with a special peyote spice from Cómeme.

The self-titled debut album by Sano takes you on a free walking tour through the most dim alleys in Colombia; creating a somber atmosphere that could intimidate at the beginning, but guided by the simple raw beat that we like so much (signature of Cómeme), some acid floor pounding percussions, a kick as bass and delirious synth lines that would slowly start flirting with your ears and eat your brains out, no kidding.

We need more electronic music composers like Sano, composers with intent, and willing to get away from the monotone direction where electronic music is heading. Sebastian Hoyos thanks a lot for the music we are really happy to have your LP and EP in our record collection. I find your music very dark, emotional, but danceable. It reminds us of the foggy night in Xalapa, México. This is the music we love, music with substance and emotions. What a sick debut album, felicidades!

Bvd Pistxl.

Interview Links:

+ Music OMH.

+ Red Bull Panamerika.


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