Pachanga Boys – Time

Have you lost track of time dancing with Pachanga Boys? If not, you really need to get on this loony ride; sparkled with a heavy influence from techno, Disco and Pachanga!

Pachanga Boys is formed after a very unique pair of Pachangeros get together in Playa, Mexico. Both, coming from very different backgrounds but one mental state in common, the love for timeless electronic music. The amalgamate from Xalapa & Cologne have made million of music lovers across the world lose track of time, they have made us pull out the weirdest dance manoeuvres, their Pachanga requires speedo & boots, this is HIPPIE DANCE!

If you are into the Pachanga madness you’ve probably seen their epic, now legendary performance this last Burning Man 2013. If not do yourself a favour and check their sunrise performance its out of this world.


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