Ruede Hagelstein – Mr. Parrotfish EP

The Berlin electronic music composer Ruede Hagelstein sticks to the same recipe of his recent Watergate 13 compilation. The parrotfish is full of colours and subtle details, who is as much savvy at submerging in surreal depths as the resident DJ at Watergate Club in Berlin has taught us before.

The grooves on the first side are filled with a collaboration between Hagelstein and Emerson Todd. “A.R.G.O.”.

Once turned, the gold wax won’t show mercy and the frenzy continues with “Addicted”. Loony synth-lines are winding through technoid beat-patterns, until they lose themselves in an orgy of white noise, vocalshreds and sirens. Granade!

“Solitude” was offered for free download by Mixmag and reached 23.000 clicks within a month – the club-version delivers a perfect end-track for Ruede Hagelsteins outstanding EP!


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