Unai (Erick Möller)

Today we were listening to some old tunes and we came across Unai, a one-man solo project from Sweden in charge of Erick Möller. He has been influencing dance floors since the mid nineties with his minimal, electro-dub music productions.

His last album release was in 2006 with ¨Love Moderne¨, a record released by his own label Force Tracks. The album is a synth-disco groove, topped with ghostly choirs, we truly love the album. You can read a full review of it here (http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/9276-a-love-moderne/).

Erick Möller released his first album in 2001 (Rebel Swing), where his productions are not as well crafted but he still shows some very interesting sparks on minimal electronic music at that time.

We have no clue what the Swedish music composer is up to these days besides managing his own label Force Tracks, we hope he comes back soon.

Here is a remix by Trentemøller, you can also visit his Facebook page and Soundcloud on the following links.



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