Louie Fresco – New Hateration EP

MEXA Records master piece Louie Fresco releases *New Hateration*. After two years since his last release titiles *No Hateration* has been a true weapon. No Hateration has a heavy influence of hip hop, orchestrated by a deep bass line and sticky vocals, this track has been setting Fresco´s mood on the dance floors for the past year.

This time the Mexican producer delivers something very interesting, this is the tweaky Louie Fresco that a lot of producers have their eyes on. This time he decides to takes us on a sweet ride that lifts up when an eastern guitar grabs your ears, and gets your bones bouncing. Suddenly, you feel wrapped by these mellow vocals that whip joy and energy. We appreciate the subtle details and superb craft that Fresco puts on to polish this top class production.

On top of this grenade the frenzy continues, with remixes by legend MK, lame Kolombo, and hot hot producers Jakkin Rabbit.

Stay tuned with MEXA Records, deliveries coordinated by our Hateration brother Louie Fresco.
You can stream the previews for this EP in the following links. Also, you should check this DJ set by Fresco.



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