Matias Aguayo – The Visitor Album

‘The Visitor’ really stakes a claim. Right from the silly, scary opener ‘RRRR’, it’s daft, hypnotic, erotic, evil and unhinged all at once. ‘El Sucu Tucu’ blows rasperries and shakes its bits wildly in your face, and the romping ‘Una Fiesta Diferente’ provides a synth-blarting weird-world-party manifesto.

Tracklist :

01. Rrrrr 04:32
02. Dear Inspector 07:46
03. By The Graveyard 06:18
04. Llego El Don 04:21
05. Una Fiesta Diferente 05:51
06. El Sucu Tucu 04:53
07. Aonde 04:23
08. El Camaron 04:32
09. Do You Wanna Work 04:13
10. Levantate Diegors 04:02
11. Las Cruces 04:58
12. A Certain Spirit 07:08


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