AFFKT Bonheur Agency Podcast

The Iberian electronic scene was becoming gloomy and boring until this Valencian DJ burst in with energy and German influence, striking the table with a metallic thud and demanding, with talent, skill and competence, a prominent place among the stormy scenarios that settle the designs of the best electronics, the one that knows no boundaries of style and is conceived as an abstract transmission of feelings and emotions.

Marc Martinez Nadal emerges with AFFKT, his new stage name. Without the need to discredit classic or renown, through sound composition and experimentation, AFFKT gains access to unedited synthetic and organic spaces, where music finds new ways of expression on the dance floor and beyond.

His perennial and almost mathematical search for the perfect point, which allows the balance between the refined hedonism of dance music and the commitment to progress, is one of his most unique audible features. Above all, AFFKT is synonymous of electronic music -he is precisely one of the most active regenerators of contemporary house music- incorporating as well all the sounds he feels, loves and knows with harmony, borrowing them from jazz, soul, latin, pop, funk, etc.

At the same time, in his live and Dj activity, AFFKT displays a free and fascinating scope of influences, references and styles that create an unexpected wave of sound energy on any dance floor on the planet.

AFFKT has also created Sincopat to deepen and transcend the boundaries of dance music with other like-minded artists. Like his music, his label embraces and enjoys the experimentation of jazz and the essence of soul, all this combined with the frantic rhythm of funk and the energy of house music. Sincopat bets and believes in an emerging generation of eclectic artists -children of the thousand sounds- that do not fear the risk of exploring, just as it should be. It will be precisely Sincopat that will soon publish his new full length album, “Punto 0”, a masterpiece of contemporary music that does not require further description. The album will also include a documentary on his genesis and evolution. Mathias Kaden, Marcin Czubala, Argenis Brito, dOP, darlyn Vlys, APDW and Sutja Gutierrez have collaborated in this album.

Sincopat –


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