Future Feelings – Grey Matter

Retro-futuristic-funk Mexican producer, aka “Future Feelings” slowly starts to develop his own mood on the dance floor, his latest release “Grey Matter” its a terrific weapon when it come to body grooving. Mysterious synth lines and warm touch of disco and chillwave are the best description for Future Feelings.

Future Feelings makes use of vintage synthesizers to put together this creamy Nu-Disco sounds. He’s previously released EP  ‘Odyssey’ seems like a must buy for anyone into analog Disco, Electro Boogie or Cosmic Synth Wave sounds. The ‘Odyssey’ EP is a four track space trip in the age future Funk. Future Feelings likes to mix things up in the studio, rocking classic synths from Moog, Roland and Oberheim into Ableton so his tracks retain a pure nostalgia and a warmness to their robotic grooves. ‘Drive’ is the standout on the EP. You can listen it here (https://soundcloud.com/futurefeelings/sets/odyssey).



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